John Freese Drummer

John Freese was born in Orlando, Florida to a mother whom was a Classical pianist and a father that worked for Disney as a Disneyland Band Conductor. John was born on December 25, 1972, on Christmas day.

When John was just six months old, the family packed up and moved to California, where john started his love for the drums. He was around seven or eight when he started playing the drums. He had very big influences from his musically inclined parents.

John started playing professionally when he was around twelve years old. He started in the Disney Band, which was top 40, and started making recordings and touring with the band at age fifteen.

John has worked with many other top bands in his career. First working with Dweezil Zappa and then moving on with “The Vandals”. More bands that Freese has played for include, “Gun’s N’ Roses”, “Good Charlotte”, and “Evanescence”.

Freese also played for “A Perfect Circle”. He has been considered “A Member” since the band’s first album. Since the bands hiatus in 2006, the bands founder, Billy Howerdel has started a new band he calls “Ashes Divide” and has Freese on drums.

Freese has played the drums for “The Offspring” on their album “Splinter”, in 2003, after their original drummer, Ron Welty’s departure. After a while, Atom Willard took over drums from Freese, and in 2007, Atom left the band and was replaced by Pete Prada. However, Freese still worked on the Offspring’s album “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace”. In 2011, Freese was said to be working with the Offspring on their next album.

Sting had Freese join him on his “Broken Music Tour in 2005. John also appeared with Sting during his “Live 8” concert, in 2005, which was a record breaker. The concert was played at Hyde Park in London.

Freese has toured with Nine Inch Nails for a while. He has contributed too many songs on their albums, such as, “Hyperpower” and “Capital G”. Freese toured with the band through 2008, until his girlfriend got pregnant with their third child.

In 2009, Freese has toured with Weezer, in support of Blink-182. He continues to tour with Weezer, Sting, Devo and The Vandals.

In December of 2010, John Freese began touring with Paramore also. He has been a very busy man with working with so many bands on their tours.

Freese has been touring with Sublime with Rome since Bud Gaugh has left the band. As of 2012, John has left his band, “A Perfect Circle” with no plans to reconcile.

John Freese has a wife and four children. They currently live in southern California.